Suggestions for an LibreOffice-Android UI

In the following some suggestions for a Android/Mobile version of LibreOffice are made. There might be many more features that are essential but the shown functions should cover most of the important stuff the author can think of. If other community members would like to contribute or change these suggestions, I attach the inkscape-SVG-file and associated graphics files in this Archive File.

What Image / Example
Basic layout

Layout consists of the shown regions on the screen
Basic layout -
expanded settings

This expanded layout appears when special options are chosen which consume a lot of space
Toolbar layout


In the standard view there should always be two toolbars visible. The numbers on the buttons stand for icons which yet have to be added.
If an icon in the 1st toolbar is clicked, the second toolbar with sub-fuctions will appear on top of the
standard-text-editing toolbar. As long as no Icon of the 1st toolbar is clicked the standard-text-editing-toolbar shows.
Menus and functions

This is supposed to be the standard view of the toolbars (here with text on top of the buttons within the 1st toolbar instead of icons)

If for example 'File' is clicked the 2nd toolbar for file appears on top of the standard-text-editing toolbar.

The 'insert' toolbar

The 'Tools' toolbar

The 'Layout' toolbar

The 'Object' toolbar

These are supposed to be most functions necessary for a mobile version of Libreoffice. But there is still enough space for more icons/functions.
Font type and styles

When clicking on some icons such as the font-type or the text-styles a drop down menu expands with a list of fonts or styles.
Impress layout

The impress layout is supposed to be in landscape format. the slide overview is shown on the very left, the current slide on the right and the menu bars 1 and 2 in between them. The standard-text-editing toolbar is supposed to always show on the top. When no icon of the 1st toolbar (vertical, left) is clicked, the 2nd toolbar disappears and the space for the slide scales up.
Calc layout

The calc layout is supposed to be flexible between landscape and portrait format. In the landscape-view the toolbars are arranged the same way as in the impress-mode except that on the bottom the standard toolbars are the formula and the table-toolbar (as well as the switch button to change the bottom toolbar*)
Move, zoom and move document

In order to zoom, move or scroll within a document simply tap the screen with the finger as shown here
Text search

If clicked on the 'tools' icon in the 1st toolbar the second toolbar appears and already contains a small search field (1). When tapped on this search-field it expands (2) and the search words that are typed in are marked yellow in the text. The advanced search (3) has the basic functions of the desktop version of libreoffice - especially search&replace, case-sensitive search and regular expressions.
Save document

The save-document dialog should only contain very few of the most common formats. There is supposed to be an options-arrow for additional options - especially for document passwords and for additional PDF-export options (such as resolution, compression of images etc).
Print and export preview

The print preview / export pdf screen consists of a printer /  PDF list, two buttons for additional options, a field for the number of copies and one for multiple pages printing as well as a print-preview window. When clicked on 'Preview all pages' a new window appears filled with preview pages only. These preview images can be scrolled down with the finger.
Image Effects - basics & layout

Image effects can be activated by tapping on the image long. Then an effect toolbar on the bottom appears. When clicked on one of the icons there, a small window in the middle of the screen appears. The effect is applied in real time. When tapping outside the small effect window on top it disappears and the changes stay (no okay clicking necessary).
Image Effects - advanced dialog

If the Effects button in the bottom toolbar is clicked, a little effects window appears. The preview here works in real time, so the image in the document changes if for example blur + or blur - is tapped. If tapped on 'more', more effects appear.
Image Effects: Colors and brightness

...More effects: Colors and Brightness...

Choose templates by clicking on Layout -  Template and the templates drop down. To browse additional templates tap on the screen, hold and move to the left so from the right additional templates appear.
Working with images

Working with images can be activated by tapping on the image long. Then red editing squares appear on the corners of the image appear. With two fingers/multitouch then the images can be resized, rotated or placed within the text.
Advanced table options

The table toolbar on the bottom doesn't cover all functions. So it might make sense to implement a 'table options' icon in that toolbar for additional options.
Sort table

When the icon for 'sort table' is tapped the menus shown here appear in full screen
Header and footer

Header and footer editing can be activated by clicking on the 'Layout'-Icon in the 1st toolbar. In the 2nd toolbar 'header' or 'footer' can be than tapped on. As shown in (1) then a red border around the header or footer appears and the rest of the page faded out a little. In order to edit the footer or header one has  to tap on it and the edit mode wil reappear.